PowerSEND Managed Email Sending – It’s All There and Done

The PowerSEND Managed Sending Advantage

PowerSENDis designed with you and your client’s online reputation in mind. A comprehensive set of “pre-work” tools (many of them in the background and automatic) are an integral part of the system. PowerSEND simply won’t allow you to make the common mistakes that could jeopardize your client’s online reputation or keep you the highest possible delivery rates. These tools are easily understood and integrated into every email campaign for you.

PUSHMAIL – Validated and Authenticated “off the shelf” with both Sender Policy Framework (SPF) AND DomainKey Identified Mail (DKIM) Policy

Reputation Monitor 1


PUSHMAIL campaigns are in constant monitoring with ISP’s, mail servers and participants in the “Feedback Loop” (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.).

Reputation Monitor 2

All emails are tested against 30 email programs AND analyzed for compliance with participants of the Feedback Loop (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.).

Reputation Monitor 3

All mailers benefit from the use of the PUSHMAIL “Global Opt-Out” file, which aggregates opt-outs

from all PUSHMAIL platform users. This benefits every client’s email reputation.