PowerSEND Managed Email Sending

Generate NEW Revenues from Best-Practices Email Sending

You can now send for your clients in confidence based on the procedures we have developed. Statware puts you into the email Digital Revenue Stream with your Clients, List Owners and Brokered Mailer/Senders. You sell the relationship, and we’ll manage the sending from top to bottom that will bring you new revenue.


For one simple, flat price per thousand, we will…

•  Hygiene (email list validation and verification) your client’s email files, checking for everything wrong from bad email addresses to spam traps, known problem URLs, honey-pots, and routine complainers. Sending even to an active, regularly emailed file without hygiening every month is email suicide.

•  Best-practices recommendations of your creatives/HTML design for maximum inboxing. Don’t be fooled by ESP “delivered” numbers. Email “delivered” but delivered to spam or the Google (and soon Yahoo and AOL) “Promotional” folders is as good as wasted.


•  Provide you with free spam, subject line testing as well as testing for mobile-responsive issues (now at 52% of all email views) in advance for maximum delivery and inboxing.  The truth is no one can inbox at 100%; no one can actually tell you just how well email is actually inboxing, but with our seed-based email testing we can tell you how to inbox as well as you possibly can with each of the major ISPs (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc.). We also use multiple HTML and language testing tools to help you and your clients stay out of the spam folder as best as possible.

•  Send your client’s email on our warmed, high-reputation IP pools. When you send using our process and protocol, we deliver for you and keep you from damaging your hard-fought client relationship for new email sending profits. In short, you no longer have to deal with complex online reputation challenges, excessive bounce and spam complaint rates and suddenly being cut-off by an ESP who does not understand dedicated email marketing. We do.


Optional Services…

Social Media Sharing. Over the past five years, the Statware team has provided digital promotion services, and we have dialed-in social media sharing techniques as very few have. When you send for your Clients, we can hardwire their social media sharing to assure multi-generational Affiliate sales-tracking and credit for new downline revenues.


Email Ad-Services. We have also worked on email-based ad services. These ad-serve networks are not to be confused with web page ad-services that are mired in ad-blocking, fake “bot” Clicks that drive up ad rates, etc. A select few ad-services understand that ads carried on legitimate, opted-in emails “Publisher” generate good results with major, national (not “click-bait”) advertisers. We have direct experience with these premier services and can integrate these into your Client’s emails.

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