The Company

Statware is a wholly-owned, private Connecticut Corporation doing business exclusively in the list industry since 1984. Statware has no outside investors and is able to direct and focus its attention entirely on the needs of the list industry without distraction or undue outside influences. The company’s  founder and President, Richard A. Lepoutre, is a 30 year veteran of the list industry. His career includes several years at Direct Media, Inc. and as Founder and President of Statlistics, Publishers Marketing Group and Statware. You can learn more about Rich here.

The People

Statware is designed, built and supported by a team of list industry professionals and programmers with unrivaled, hands-on experience in list operations for more than 25 years. The combination of experience, innovation and a customer-centric design results in a solution that goes way beyond what you see on a screen.

The Philosophy

We provide the best-practices solutions for brokers and managers that assure them that their data is just that… their data. Our solution make best use of both local data management integrated with web technologies and key 3rd-party products that do not compromise the client’s vital and proprietary data.