PowerLIST Broker/Manager System

Statware’s end-to-end broker/manager solution is built on a hybrid design that is consistent with established list trade practices and integrations with the web. The result is strong, secured “local” system (PowerLIST) that is always under your roof and under your jurisdiction that is ALSO connected to web services such as Statware’s PowerCARD Datacard Search System and our U.S. Patented dmEDI™ Web Services.

In sum, Statware offers you the best of both worlds (local database connected to web services) for maximum workflow efficiency; integration to list research and recommendations with content available from multiple sources (PowerCARD); enterprise-wide Customer Relationship Management (CRM); General Ledger Accounting (PowerLIST/Great Plains or QuickBooks) and the benefits of Electronic Data Interchange (dmEDI™).

“dmEDI”™ is U.S. Patented Statware technology that uses the web technologies to deliver new list transaction efficiency between brokers and managers.

PushMAIL Email Broadcasting Services

In Spring 2011, Statware launched “PushMAIL” Email Broadcasting Services for Broker and Managers. Designed specifically for re-sale by brokers, managers and agencies to their clients, PushMAIL is private-labeled and gives brokers and managers the opportunity to provide a new and profitable service to their clients, while showcasing their broker/manager brand. PushMAIL is a true “marketer’s” email broadcasting system with functionality such as A-B testing, merge/purge, database/campaign management, “triggered” events, etc.

dmEDI™ Web Services

Our U.S Patented method is the new standard for web-based transaction management where ALL list rental documents (sample, clearance, order, revision, invoice, CV, etc.) are DIRECTLY communicated to and from ANY (Statware or non-Statware) system. dmEDI™ will dramatically improve sales and service to customers and will bring substantial reductions in broker/manager’s cost of sales.


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